”from pixel to raster”

express our desire to offer our customers the fulfilling of their dreams and needs by proving them complete solutions for flexographic printing, customizing the best solution for their business.


Graphics studio

Many customers expressed the wish to narrow the gap between artistic design in the conceptual stage and the graphic feasibility of it in the prepress and printing stage. This was a challenge that our company liked to take.

We have two graphic studios in which are engaged a team of talented and artistic designers who have roots in the traditional prepress and printing activity. These designers turn the customer wishes into artistic concepts. Once a concept is due to development into practical graphical design, our experienced and very skilled prepress operators take over.

They adapt our creation or the supplier’s artwork at the specific needs of the printers on their high performance Barco and computers using the most recent software. The final stage of the processed graphics is viewed on the digital proof, scale 1:1.

It is clear there is a perfect match to create innovative and practical design, especially for flexo printing. The graphic chain closes very natural. We are at the customer demands from the very first concept to the printed product, always from an artistic point of view but never denying the technical complexity of printing.

Carpatgraf has a complete tailor made network with reliable back up systems.

Communication and flexibility towards the printer’s specifications are the guarantee for a successful print run.