• ”from pixel to raster”

    express our desire to offer our customers the fulfilling of their dreams and needs by proving them complete solutions for flexographic printing, customizing the best solution for their business.


Welcome to Carpatgraf!

Being aware of the increasing requests of the packing producers from the flexographic industry and also of the consumers which take appearance as a guide, we consider a necessity the continuous development of the quality of the printing.

Photoplymer plates


Carpatgraf produces printing plates using two technologies: analogical and digital.

We keep an open mind towards the main photopolymer plate manufacturers. Together with the printer, we test and choose the plate that generates the best result on the press.

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Printing machines



Today Carpatgraf no longer thinks of its self as just a supplier of plates and inks, we want to be a partner working with our customers to ensure that we all achieve success in this competitive market.

Therefore starting from March 2006 we are representing Edale UK in Romania, and from January 2008 we are representing Varga Flexo from Hungary.

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Technical assistance



The purpose of Carpatgraf is to offer complete solutions for flexo printing. We consider that the simple trade of some products for the flexo industry doesn’t cover the needs of our customer.

One of our main services is the testing of the presses. We organize trainings and symposiums together with specialists from abroad.

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