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Offset consumables

Carpatgraf trades the whole range of offset consumables.


Koru was launched successfully in Q2 2009. The focus was clearly to look for opportunities into the graphic film business. But there are more challenges and opportunities for this label. Dealers supplying graphic customers with film, have the possibility to combine their offer with analogue plates. This bundling creates a need to extend the Koru assortment with a positive and a negative analogue plate.

And there is more. Koru has a focus on interesting market niches. Where the big three in plate supplies are focusing on “computer-to-plate” business, there is definitely an interesting market niche in the “computer-to-conventional-plate” technology. This is a perfect opportunity for Koru to introduce a dedicated assortment for the application “computer-to-UV-plate”.

This document gives you an overview of the KORU assortment. It covers the complete assortment, briefly explains the technologies and the positioning of the products. Detailed information, product comparisons, set-up procedures and conversion sheets can be obtained on www.koru-graphics.com.


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