”from pixel to raster”

express our desire to offer our customers the fulfilling of their dreams and needs by proving them complete solutions for flexographic printing, customizing the best solution for their business.


Photopolymer printing plates


Carpatgraf produces printing plates using two technologies: analogical and digital.


We keep an open mind towards the main photopolymer plate manufacturers. Together with the printer, we test and choose the plate that generates the best result on the press.


Reaching the highest quality in printing is always the main drive throughout the whole plate making process. Good basic materials processed on well maintained machines by trained and motivated operators are the best guarantee for meeting that target.


In January 2008 we installed a new flexo plate processing line from Flint Group Germany. This way we can provide plate sizes up to 2000x1260 mm, and to increase the quality of the plates reducing production time. Regeneration of washing solvents allows us to cleanse thoroughly and make very clean plates.



For the corrugated board industry we offer the mounted plates on plastic foil and control print for checking the accuracy of the register of colors.