”from pixel to raster”

express our desire to offer our customers the fulfilling of their dreams and needs by proving them complete solutions for flexographic printing, customizing the best solution for their business.


Technical support and assistance

The purpose of Carpatgraf is to offer complete solutions for flexo printing. We consider that the simple trade of some products for the flexo industry doesn’t cover the needs of our customer.

One of our main services is the testing of the presses in order to achieve the maximum performance in printing, being aware of the machine limits.  We make the test using both, analogical and digital plates, densitometers and specialized software to establish the dot compensation curve and other important characteristics for the printing factory and for us, as plates producers.

Before the print run, we offer technical consultancy with reference to all parameters that should be respected to obtain a good quality print and, at the customer request, our technical specialist is participating at printing. Customers can always contact one of our service departments.


For a better controlling of the plates-print we invested in a 3D Troika tool, an optimal system to control the plate production and the printing process.

The huge advantages of Flexo Cam-ANI Cam are: a very accurate verifying of the dot from high luminosity points till dark halftone parts, it is portable, can inspect the printing plate and the sleeve plate-and anilox cylinder.

For a better communication and having the purpose of promoting the flexographic technology, we organize trainings and symposiums together with specialists from abroad. We also participate at national and international fears and symposiums.