Technical support

Our aim is to offer complete solutions for our customers, we believe that only selling a product is not covering the needs of companies in the printing industry. Is a fast developing market which expects much flexibility from all those involved

One of the basic services is testing our customer’s printing machine in order to setup the paramethers and to optimize the printing process.
We use various test plates, measuring devices, and a special software to establish a dot gain compensation curve, check the gray balance, ink density and other features, important for both- the printer as well for us, as plate manufacturer.

Together with the plates, we deliver to our customers a set of special advices on the parameters that need to be observed in order to get good quality results, and on request we can provide on-press support.

New packaging structures and quality expectations require new solutions. For this reason, printing techniques that require the upgrading of flexographic to HD flexographic printing are being developed in the packaging industry. More frequent machine stops are often associated with these technical changes. To promote the new technical features together with our partners we offer on-site training to our customers in the use of printing plates.

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